I thought I knew how to breastfeed…until I had my 4th baby.

This post is about my feeding story, part of an initiative by The Honest Company meant to encourage women in their unique journeys as they feed their newborns. Check out more stories here. While I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I remember telling people that, while the newborn days can be tough, I was … [Read more…]

8 GREAT things about having ALL BOYS

It happens so often that I have a “line”–a go-to phrase–when I tell people I have four boys. “Four boys? Wow!” “Yes, exactly. That’s what I say every day: WOW,” complete with a stunned, (yet staged) wide-eyed look. It never fails to make people chuckle. My 9 year old twins have a line too:  “We … [Read more…]

Maybe we aren’t meant to move mountains

It’s been one year ago today since Benji’s Autism diagnosis. So much has happened in this past year, it feels like a lot longer. I remember going into the diagnosis process feeling overwhelmed, thinking, “Something needs to change.” I was ready for that change, to tackle our issues, to overcome our challenges, to move mountains. … [Read more…]