20,000 Words

So, I’ve been working really hard on my BOOK(!) Unexpected: Learning to love your unpredictable story and yesterday, as we were on Day 2 of the-incredibly-long-drive-from-Texas-Florida, I worked for several hours on formatting all my single document articles into one large document. I was really excited to do this for a few reasons: First, a … [Read more…]

The end of the homeschool experiment

So, it’s June and we are technically still plowing through the ol’ math book (“Mom, we only have 17 pages left!”) but we are pretty much done with school for the semester. We survived the 4th grade homeschool experiment. Thank. God. So, how did it go, you ask? Hahaha! Well, the words “survived” and “Thank. … [Read more…]

The last thing I wanted to do

After Benji’s ASD diagnosis in October 2015 (and after I emerged from my “dark place,” as Aaron calls it), I moved into the “Acceptance” part of the grieving process. I read many, many books. I read a plethora of articles. I joined and participated in Autism Facebook groups and message boards, asking for advice and … [Read more…]

In the meantime…

I haven’t been blogging as much lately here on TheBamBlog. And this frustrates me to no end, especially since I had such a good rhythm the last two years in blogging twice a week. But I’m in a weird season right now with the homeschooling, the military upheaval, and mothering four boys, so finding the … [Read more…]