10 Simple ways to reset a BAD day

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while but today was a “good” day to write it because I was in the blahs this morning.

I didn’t sleep well.
My “alarm clock” was a screaming baby at 6:18am.
I was anxious about something stupid.
I really just wanted to stay in my PJs, turn on a Netflix marathon for the kids, and crawl back in bed.

But even more than that, I wanted to feel better, not so tired, not so anxious, not so annoyed, not so overwhelmed.
100_2044.JPGSo I muscled my way into my “Reset a Bad Day” tool-bag and made myself function. Sometimes you’re so tired that it’s hard–really, really hard. But you gotta take care of you if you are going to take care of your little ones, right mama?

When you are exhausted and overwhelmed, here are 10 simple ideas to help reset your Bad Day. (you don’t have to do all 10. Sometimes even doing one is enough to put you on a new path).

  1. Take a shower
    Sometimes it is 11:37am and I am all ready to tap out for the whole day. The kids are fighting; the baby is teething; everyone has been begging for lunch since 10:45. And I realize that I am still in my PJs.
    Taking a shower is a great way to reset a bad day. It’s soothing; it’s alone time; it’s self-care and a much needed break.
    It’s okay to put your kids in front of a movie and your baby in the crib and take 15 minutes to wash your hair. The kids may fight. The baby may cry. It’s okay. You are taking care of you.
  2. Get dressed
    Taking a shower isn’t always possible. I have 4 kids–I know. This morning I was really just too tired to care. But I told myself, “Get dressed.” And I did.
    There’s something about putting on real clothes that tells my brain, “You got this! You just put on a bra and a clean shirt! You can turn around this whole day, girl!”
    Even if you get dressed at 4:30pm, new clothes often make you feel like a new person.
  3. Turn on some music
    I usually employ this Bad Day Buster in the late afternoon or evening, especially when my husband is working late. Turning on some favorite, upbeat music can change the atmosphere in your home. And when you’re singing and dancing, you are less likely to be yelling or griping at your kids.
  4. Light a candle
    Some women love cleaning. I am not one of those women. Cleaning is usually a sure-fire way to put me in a bad mood (kids + cleaning = exercise in futility). I like to combine the music with lighting a candle while I clean up. Creating a sweet, soothing sensory experience in my home helps me fight the irritation that often plagues me while I’m doing housework.
  5. Get out of the house
    Sometimes the problem isn’t you–it’s your house. It’s like the bad mood resides within the walls of your home. For me, getting out of the house is a game changer. This is what I did today. I loaded up my kids and we went to the grocery store. Sometimes we go to the library, or the park. Sometimes we just drive around while every is strapped in their carseats and I turn the radio up loud and it is glorious.
  6. Buy something that makes you happy
    Retail therapy is a common cure for a bad-mood. Although it isn’t always the answer to a bad day, if you could use a smile in your day, it is okay to spend a few dollars on yourself. Today, I saw some cheerful pink and yellow flowers at the grocery store check-out. I love flowers but I usually don’t indulge in fresh ones for my table. But today I spent $3.99 for a bouquet and I’m glad I did. The flowers made me happy.
  7. Hide
    Maybe you can’t get out of the house. Maybe you are stuck and going crazy and drowning in your bad day. Go ahead–give yourself permission to hide for a bit. Lock the bathroom door. Make sure the kids are safe and occupied and then go down to your basement. Scream in a pillow. Take 5 deep breaths. Pray. Eat that chocolate you hid. Hide for a few minutes so you can regain your sanity. Then tackle the rest of your day.
  8. Say you’re sorry
    In our family, bad moods are usually contagious. We all get the grumps at once, which leads to arguing, butting heads, and saying hurtful things to each other. Broken hearts between mother and sons is the worst part of a bad day. When we get to this place, I try to preserve our love and relationship with an apology. Saying “I’m sorry. Can we start over?” is sometimes the best do-over for a bad day (or any bad moment).
  9. Tell someone
    Writing a simple text to a friend or calling your mom or sister can help you put a bad day into perspective. Even telling your Facebook friends that you are having a bad day can produce much needed support and encouragement. You aren’t alone.
  10. Remember, tomorrow is a new day (with no mistakes in it)
    A bad day is just that–a bad day. It doesn’t mean you have a bad life. Tomorrow is a new day and sleep can do wonders for your body and soul. Hang in there, mama.

How do YOU reset a bad day?
Share your ideas below!

I hope that my story can bring hope, healing, and happiness to you. TheBamBlog is trying to grow! Did this post encourage you or would it inspire someone you know?

If so, please share! Thank you! 🙂


  1. bellabooksandbaking

    This is great encouragement! I have resorted to many of these suggestions on a bad day, and it is amazing how something as simple as taking a shower or making your bed (that’s one of my favorite simple take-control-of-your-day tasks) can turn a day around.

    For me, it’s making a list, sometimes a very short one, and doing as many things on it as I can.

    This post was much needed for me today especially because last night I wrote an ambitious and exciting list for today, but ended up being strung out with a gruesome migraine and stuck in bed and barely able to finish my online work let alone anything else. I ended up at the clinic for a pain shot and found out in the process that I had a fever and the nagging cough I couldn’t get rid of for the last few weeks was the precursor to bronchitis and got antibiotics on top of the shot. I was feeling very low. So Erik and I went to Wendy’s and got Frosties and went home and watched an episode of Good Eats on Netflix and I knitted and it was a good evening.

    And nothing helps me so much as the knowledge that tomorrow, I can try again.

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