Day 16: Celebrate Benji the Bard!

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It’s Friday, which means it’s a day to Celebrate Benji!

Benji loves to tell stories. BiggerButton

This is a pretty incredible fact for this little boy…because the act of reading and writing are both very challenging for him.

This summer he told me he wanted to write a story. So he got lots of paper and colored pencils and he drew intensely while he narrated the story to himself. I sat on the couch, listening, my heart full.


The New Engines Underground Written and Illustrated by Benji Meng

When he was done drawing, he told me the story again and I wrote it down. Then I sewed the book with string.

Then we read it over and over again together–his very own story.

(I secretly think he gets it from me…and it makes me really happy).

It’s too bad Oral Storytelling is an Art of bygone days. We could’ve called him Benji the Bard!Celebrate Benji


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