8 GREAT things about having ALL BOYS

It happens so often that I have a “line”–a go-to phrase–when I tell people I have four boys.

Four boys? Wow!”
“Yes, exactly. That’s what I say every day: WOW,” complete with a stunned, (yet staged) wide-eyed look.

It never fails to make people chuckle.

My 9 year old twins have a line too:  “We have four boys. That’s a lot of boys.” They’ve heard that descriptor a few times.

It is a lot of boys. The fact that I have four sons surprises me every day. They have a ton of energy, wrestle like maniacs, can make fart noises with any part of their body, cannot aim to save their life (or the bathroom floor), and have enough emotional drama to make me wish for a house full of girls (yeah…people tell me boys are less dramatic. Ha!).

But, the Good Lord blessed our family with four little men and, do you know what? Having all boys has some definite perks.

Here are 8 GREAT things about having all boys:

1. No-Fuss clothes.
_mg_0096Girl clothes may be cuter, but there are a lot more of them—tights, leggings, skirts, blouses, plus all the regular t-shirts, shorts, jeans, etc.

The boy wardrobe is pretty simple: Top, bottoms, socks and shoes. Done.
I love it.

2. Hand-me-downs
I won the jackpot in this department. I have four boys and my oldest two are twins. That means that my younger sons are pretty much set when it comes to their wardrobe.

My twins can even stain and get holes in half their clothes (and they do!) and I will STILL have enough to keep the younger two in style (as much style as the Meng household sports, that is. See #1).

3. Hair
Unless my child has a severe case of bed-head in the morning, hair grooming is a non-issue. We keep our boys’ hair pretty short so it’s just roll out of bed and go in the morning. It doesn’t get easier than that!

4. No toilet, no problem
I never have to frantically search for a bathroom if my child has to pee while we are at the park.
Just go behind a tree, honey!
Seriously, I love having boys.

5. PMS
Sure, we’re going to have to deal with the raging hormones of puberty, but, thankfully, having all boys, the only PMS I will have to deal with is my own! Boy moms, can I get an “Amen”?

6. Weddings
Our grocery bill is already high, and is sure to skyrocket in a few years, but at least we only have the rehearsal dinners to pay for when our sons get married!

7. Less pressure to grow up fast
Sadly, in our society, it seems like girls are pressured to grow up faster than boys, whether it is through clothing designers who market sexy clothes to little girls, or the attraction to make-up and boys even in the tween years.

Boys don’t have this pressure and I’m thankful as a boy-mom that my boys can stay little for a little longer.

8. Lots of Love
Growing up, I was a typical girl who wanted to grow up too fast. I wanted the boys to adore me.

Well, I found one who does and he gave me four more boys who are starry-eyed over their mama.
I have five handsome men who love me—what more could a girl want?

I may get a lot of pity from strangers for having four sons but I don’t need it. Having four boys is pretty great.

(Now I have to go break up a wrestling match, make some more snacks, clean my bathroom floor, and tell my son to stop calling his brother “Butt-Butt”).
_mg_0155Hang in there, boy-moms!

What about you? Do you have all boys? (or all girls?)
What comments to do you get from strangers?
Share the best thing about have all of the same gender!

All photos by Sabrena Deal of S.Carter Studios


  1. Ann

    I’m pregnant with boy #3 and this is our last. I have forever wanted a girl but getting use to the fact of having all boys. Hand me downs is a big positive…I just hope when they get older I have amazing daughter in laws. I think that’s my biggest fear is not being as close to the boys side of the family as daughters normally are. I’m holding out for a bunch of granddaughters I can spoil and give back 😉

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