1. We are very casually homeschooling for preschool/kindergarten. My soon-to-be 6year old has always insisted on being homeschooled. My very active and strong-willed 4year old has started asking when he’s going to start riding the school bus to school. I don’t know what we’ll do in the future, but it will definitely be interesting, especially if different options work out better for different kids.

    • Silas asked to be homeschooled the other day and I honestly think it could be a good fit for him–but not for me right now since I’m going to have the baby in just a few months. We’ll see what happens in the future. I am definitely in the camp of doing what is best for each kid–but also what is best for MOM.

  2. Anonymous

    I completely agree with all of your points. And I have SO many thoughts looking back. Many about socialization, many about ‘looking down’ on those who were in public school. My boys are in a public school now and love every minute. We value the teachers and what they offer our boys every day.
    While my boys are priority, now that they are in school, I’m able to do go to work and live my other passions. I’m still a loving mom who sends her kids to public school. And I’m ok with that.
    Thanks for your blog, it’s fun to follow your adventures 😊

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