A Dozen NEW THINGS I Tried in 2017

Wow! 2017 is coming to a close and it has been—hands-down—one of the most challenging years I have ever had, but challenging in a good way, like HECK YEAH! I DID THAT!

I got waaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone this year. I probably did more “new things” this year than in the last 5 (or more) years combined, and that’s just with our leap into Air Force Life, parenting solo for 9 weeks, MOVING away from Virginia, and driving cross-country with the kids (and the dog!) without Aaron. These were all things I was massively terrified of doing and I DID THEM!

But here is a list of 12 more New Things I tried in 2017, from silly and small, to super life-changing:

1. Started an Etsy shop
People had been telling me to start and Etsy shop for years and in January I finally did it. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. It has been fun, easy, and makes shipping a breeze. If you are on the fence, do it! Check out my shop here.

2. Pick-up grocery shopping
I do not like grocery shopping and I dislike grocery shopping even more when I have to take the kids. Online grocery shopping (at Kroger in VA, and at Walmart and HEB here in TX) with curbside pick up service has been AH-MAZING. I “shop” online on Saturday night and we pick up all our groceries on Sunday after church. It saves me so much time. I love it.

3. Getting professional help for my depression
This is probably the most significant personal decision I made this year. I had been struggling with depression for a while and I finally stepped out and made appointments to see my health care professional (my midwife) and a counselor. Taking ownership of my mental and emotional well-being was terrifying, but it was the best decision I could have ever made for myself and my family.

4. Anti-Redness BB Cream
When I don’t wear make-up, people always ask me how I got sunburned (I’m not. I’m pretty sure I have rosacea). I have struggled to find a makeup I like that actually matches my skin tone and yet doesn’t make me look cakey and pasty. I LOVE this BB Cream from L’Oreal. It is green tinted(!) and is specifically made to tone down red skin without completely covering up my rosy cheeks (which I like!).

5. Trying sushi
Aaron and I tried sushi for the first time this year and we loved it! Granted, it was from a grocery store, but still. YUM!

6. Going to a bar
True confessions: I am 33 years old and had never been to a bar until this year. I was #SuperSheltered growing up and bars always seemed so scary in the movies! 😀 Well, they aren’t scary and I’ve enjoyed getting a drink with actual-real-live-adults for the first time ever…since I am no longer pregnant or breastfeeding in, like, a million years. I’m not a fan of beer but hard cider is delicious!

7. E-shatki dress
Have you heard of e-shatki? They are an online clothing company where you can order dresses (and more) with custom measurements. I had long admired them and this year I bought my first dress! It is beautiful and I love it—can’t wait to buy another dress in 2018!

8. Blogging Conference
I have been a blogger for 9 years (today, actually is my blogging anniversary!) but I always felt too intimidated to go to a blogging conference. Well, this year, I went to the Declare Conference in Dallas and it was great. I learned so much and it was beyond refreshing to have a few days away from my “normal life.”

9. Air BnB
I stayed at an Air BnB for the conference—a brand new experience! I loved my stay with a sweet older woman in her lovely home. She cooked me breakfast every morning too.

10. Craft Show
I have always wanted to do a Craft Show and this year, I did! I share a booth with my friend Megan and we spent the day pedaling our wares. Overall, it was a fun day but it was also a TON of work beforehand and I didn’t make much money. Still, I was glad to cross that off my bucket list.

11. Adrenal Support supplements
In addition to my depression, I had been having some other health challenges this year, namely hormonal issues and feeling so exhausted that there were days that I couldn’t get out of bed. After doing a lot of research and talking to friends who had similar issues, I started taking some supplements to support my adrenal system. Wow. This has been a life changer for me. My hormones have leveled out around my cycle (no longer crashing mid-month and during my period); my PMS-moodiness has improved; and my exhaustion has improved about 75-80%.

12. 30 Day Work-Out Challenge
I have always hated exercise, and I could never stick with exercising consistently for more than 1-2 (maaaaybe 3) weeks. But after we moved this summer, I was feeling gross from all the fast food we had eaten on the road and all the happy-bliss icecream I had consumed post-reunion with my husband. So, on a whim(!) I decided to do this 30 day work-out challenge with Betty Rocker (Warning: She is SUPER perky but also encouraging). It was only 15 minutes a day and I figured, “hey, I can do 15 minutes a day!” AND I DID. I did the whole 30 day challenge and never missed a day! I took progress pictures (which will NOT be appearing online) and saw real results. Plus I had more energy, had toned arms for the first time ever, and was seeing some abs emerge (if I squinted really hard). I was PUMPED UP!
And then I broke my toe and fell off the exercise wagon. 🙁

So, for 2018, my goal is to climb my chubby self back on the wagon (because I ate so much cake and pie this month that I am seeing a new high score on the scale) and try again.

So there you go. A dozen new things I tried in 2017.

2018 is going to stretch me even further because…pssst! Did you know? We’re moving to England in a few months! (AHH!)

And I’m homeschooling my kids…


…stay posted, my friends. It’s going to be great.


What new things did YOU try in 2017? Share your experiences below or on Facebook!

I'd love to hear your story!