Hello! I’m Brittany. I’m an Air Force wife, mom of 4 wild boys, twin mom, special needs mom, former English Professor, reading lover, a writer, and a woman who is striving to love God and love people each day.

“BAM” operates as a multifaceted title for my blog:
First, it’s my initials.
When I was dating my husband, he used to whisper “bam!” in my ear (what my initials would be if we got married) just to see me blush. Ten+ years later, the man can still make me blush with only a side glance.

BAM also stands for Benji And Micah, my twins and firstborn sons, about whom I write the majority of my blog posts. (My younger sons are named Silas and Eli but BAMSE just doesn’t have the same ring to it). Each day I’m learning more about how to be the best mom to Micah and Benji as we explore the world of Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety.

Once, a fellow mom told me she thought BAM stood for Bad A** Mama. I shook my head, but grinned. Yeah…not what it stands for, but, hey! I’ll take it!

In addition to writing here, I am the Creator and Editor for Mothering Beyond Expectations, a collective blog that focuses on the ways women learn to accept, adjust, and even grieve their expectations of motherhood in order to find new hope and purpose in their relationships with their children, their own personal growth, and in life in general.

You can also find my writing around the web on BlogHer, ScaryMommy, For Every Mom, Her.Menutics, Care-Net.com, and The Mighty.

The stories on The Bam Blog are about my life, my family, my kids, my heart and my goal is that, by sharing my life, you will be encouraged as you live out your own story.

Welcome to my blog!


  1. Danielle

    I’m so releaved to have found your blog! Thank you for listening to your gut and beginning the journey of spd parenting. My 7 year old has spd , it’s a new diagnosis for us and I am learning so much.

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