“Ants are delicious!” Or what Micah did at school today

This is an actual conversation we had with Micah (4 years old) tonight at dinner:

Micah: I ate ants at school today!
Me: (horrified) You ate ANTS???
Micah: Yeah! I ate them outside! They were delicious!
Aaron: (laughing) They were?! 
Micah: Yeah…some were yucky though. But some were good! 
Me: (horrified silence)
Aaron: (grinning) Some were yucky? Why were they yucky?
Micah: The red ones were yucky. They were so crunchy!
Aaron: Crunchy, huh?
Me: (in shock, mouth gaping open)
Micah: Yeah, but the black ones were soft! They were yummy!
Micah: But I ate them outside. But I didn’t eat worms. 
Aaron: No worms, huh?
Micah: No, they were so squishy….
I didn’t find out if he actually ate worms. I don’t think he did. 
But I really, really don’t want to know. 

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