Back to Normal

There have been a lot of changes this semester but one thing I have really enjoyed is having a little time in the morning to myself after I take the boys to school. Every day I drop the boys off and come home for a few hours to walk the dog, eat breakfast, drink coffee, watch a little Food Network, and do a little housework before heading to school for the day.

This week, however, has robbed me of my sweet morning routine. 
I have had student conferences Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. Each conference is 15 minutes long–not bad, right? Well, if you multiply that by 43+ students (I had two conferences with some students)….let’s just say I’ve been living at school this week. 
Yesterday I had 25 conferences. My stomach cramps up a little bit just remembering. While I love meeting with each student (most of them, anyway…) one on one, I really do not like the all-day-marathon of mental energy expended while helping student after student generate ideas, thesis sentences, organizational patterns, and MLA citations. It is exhausting. 
Plus I missed my date with my french vanilla coffee and Food Network.
Well, today is Thursday. Blessed Thursday!
I dropped the boys off at school and headed home for some me-time. Goldie and I took a beautiful walk on this crisp fall day, and I enjoyed a yummy breakfast and coffee, and yes, I am currently watching Food Network as I write this. 
And I have been looking forward to today for another reason: I am going shopping for the boys’ birthday party this morning! I am so excited. 
Party hats, balloons, plates, party bags, here I come! 
How are my babies turning 3? Amazing! 

  1. I can't believe they're almost 3 either! Fastest three years of my life, that's for sure! I just started looking at stuff to get ideas for the girls' birthday party today. Can't wait to see pictures of the boys'!

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