I need Incarnational Love for my child

I am terrible at learning languages. I quit Spanish 102 because I just couldn’t get it, even after summer tutoring, on-campus tutoring, getting help from the professor, and take-home tests. I was a failure and I gave up. I once heard an Autistic man describe Autism as being in a foreign country where you don’t … [Read more…]

Letting in the Light

It was a personality test that broke me, a stupid internet quiz. My Myers-Briggs had never failed me before. ENFJ all the way, baby. Every description, no matter the unique context, (“What should you read next according to your Myers-Brigg personality test?” or “What your Myers-Briggs test says about what kind of friend you are?”) … [Read more…]

Maybe we aren’t meant to move mountains

It’s been one year ago today since Benji’s Autism diagnosis. So much has happened in this past year, it feels like a lot longer. I remember going into the diagnosis process feeling overwhelmed, thinking, “Something needs to change.” I was ready for that change, to tackle our issues, to overcome our challenges, to move mountains. … [Read more…]

How do you love a Porcupine?

There is a delightful children’s book that I checked out of our local library once called,  How do you hug a Porcupine? The children throughout the book are shown hugging all sorts of animals (Bunnies! Dogs! Goats!) that are soft and cuddly (though…goats?) and easy to hug. But after each picture, the refrain is repeated, … [Read more…]

Dear Mom who’s scared of an Autism Diagnosis

Dear Mom who’s scared of an Autism diagnosis, I get it. I’ve been there too. Not that. Not my son. Not Autism. I told myself he would grow out of it. He didn’t. My friends told me it was “just a boy thing.” But it wasn’t. I chalked up our challenges to his prematurity, the … [Read more…]

Yes, labels can change a person (but not the person you think!)

“I thought about pursuing a diagnosis, but the teacher said, ‘do you really want him labeled?’” “You know, when kids get labeled, they’re stuck with it their entire lives!” “Some kids are just different. Do you want a label pulling him down?” Our society really hates labels. Wait, scratch that. Our society really fears labels. … [Read more…]