8 GREAT things about having ALL BOYS

It happens so often that I have a “line”–a go-to phrase–when I tell people I have four boys. “Four boys? Wow!” “Yes, exactly. That’s what I say every day: WOW,” complete with a stunned, (yet staged) wide-eyed look. It never fails to make people chuckle. My 9 year old twins have a line too:  “We … [Read more…]

Sour and Sweet: The Power of a Stranger’s Words

This past week, I’ve had two different interactions with two different strangers concerning my four boys. Both women made short, passing comments to me about my sons. Both comments altered my attitude about sons and my day–if only for a moment–but not the the same way. On Saturday afternoon, we went on a walk/bike ride … [Read more…]

EASY DIY Stained Glass Valentines

I really like Valentine’s Day because well…CRAFTY. However, my boys do not like CRAFTY so I have to be really tricky creative to get them to do crafts. The most important quality of any craft we do is that it has to be EASY. So, I give you the boy-friendly (and beautiful!)….  Stained Glass Valentines … [Read more…]

Happy 2nd Birthday, Silas!

I can’t believe my baby boy is TWO!! Wow, the years fly by. My handsome little man Silas is our little sunshine. He is such a happy boy and loves to make people laugh by performing, imitating people, and being silly. My silly squwinchy picture face! Just tonight at dinner he did all three:Dancing to … [Read more…]