The BIGGEST surprise of my life!

I meet so many people who tell me, “Oh, I always wanted twins!” Growing up, I never had this thought. Don’t get me wrong: having twins is great (crazy…but great!) but I never wanted twins, basically because I never thought I could  have twins. “Twins don’t run in our family.” I remember my  mom saying. … [Read more…]

The trials of being a twin: A Five year old’s perspective

Micah and Benji are five years old and frequently (and loudly) announce to others (like random people at the park): WE ARE TWINS!! Being twins is unique!Being twins is fun! But sometimes, being twins is annoying. Or even, confusing. This is a snippet of the conversation we had at dinner tonight. Micah: Sometimes my friends … [Read more…]

“Daddy said YES!” A story of miscommunication

You should always double-check your children’s work when you give them a task to do. You never know how they are going to translate your directions. Take this morning, for example. Setting: I am making breakfast. Aaron is in the shower. Boys are HUNGRY! Me: Micah, go ask Daddy if he wants eggs.Micah: ok! (runs … [Read more…]

Thoughts on (STUPID) Self-Inducement ideas

Pregnant women are crazy. Especially in the last month of pregnancy. Once you pass that magical date that puts you at  37 weeks, just about every pregnant women thinks, “Is today going to be the day?” Every twinge is obsessed about. Every “symptom” is googled: is this a sign of impending labor? The answer is … [Read more…]