So, I have some [BIG] news!

No, I’m not pregnant. Let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat. I did something today that pretty darn huge though: I submitted letters to our boys’ elementary school stating that WE WILL BE HOMESCHOOLING for the Spring Semester! I know! Me! Homeschooling! If you have read this blog for any … [Read more…]

I’m a Stay at Home Mom with Student Loan Debt

Earlier this week, I spent nearly three hours on the phone and online trying to consolidate my student loans. The Navient customer service lady was personal and helpful. The application process was smooth. The process went better than I expected. When I was finished I felt both relieved and completely depressed. It’s 2017, ten years … [Read more…]

I love my children enough not to homeschool

I was homeschooled and I loved it. My mother was passionate about homeschooling and viewed it as her chosen vocation when my siblings and I were growing up. All my best friends were homeschooled by women who were as passionate and dedicated as my mother. Although I don’t remember it being said in so many … [Read more…]

“It means you need to be strong and brave:” Telling my son about his learning disabilities

“MOOOOMMM!” He yelled. “STOP!” “I’m sorry! Sound it out. h-h-h–“ “MooOOOM!” His voice took on an even angrier edge, his eyes flashing irritation. “Benji, just read it. Sound it out. Start at the beginning.” “This! THIS!” “It’s not “this.” There’s no ‘th.’ Sound it out, Honey. “h-iiii–“ “GAHH! MOM!!! I don’t WANT YOUR HELP!” He … [Read more…]

You don’t have to enjoy every minute to be a good mom

When my twins were babies, I was consistently bludgeoned with this advice by well-meaning people: “Enjoy every minute.” I hated this phrase…mostly because I was going through one of the most difficult experiences of my life. Just keeping up with the daily care of two infants was hard enough–and I was supposed to “enjoy every … [Read more…]