Turning Dirty Socks into Smiles: Loving all of your husband’s personality traits.

By Amber Haskew, Guest Writer When it comes to me and my husband, our personalities are as different as possible. Even Myers-Briggs-type advice says our personalities should not marry because we are too different to even understand each other, let alone have a happy marriage! Yet, in our ten years of marriage, we have come … [Read more…]

I finally got my ring, ya’ll

One of my favorite topics when I was teaching University 101 (aka Life Skills) was a class on money. I passed out slips of paper to my student with real-life Money Management scenarios on them about lending money to friends, paying debts, saving, using credit cards and much more. My favorite scenario, however, was THIS … [Read more…]

We changed our life (Part 2)

Part 1 We spent the next few days in Montgomery AL for Aaron’s graduation festivities. I finally got my hug picture. We enjoyed spending time together as a family as we walked around beautiful (and blazingly hot!) Maxwell Air Force Base. The boys loved seeing the airplanes all over base. For me though, as wonderful … [Read more…]

The day I stopped crushing my husband’s dreams

There are two things that never fail to make my husband cry: baseball movies (The Rookie has a one tissue warning) and the military (homecoming videos? Two tissue warning…or five). I like to give my normally stoic man some good-natured teasing about the baseball sniffles, but his love of the military goes a lot deeper … [Read more…]