Talk to me about Transitions

“You’re shaking. Are you cold?” My husband asked anxiously. I exhaled deeply, the contraction loosening its grip on my body. “No,” I assured him. “It’s normal.” I’m in transition For a laboring woman, “transition” is often the most difficult part of labor. I experienced shaking and sweating as my contractions intensified, crashing down on me … [Read more…]

Letting in the Light

It was a personality test that broke me, a stupid internet quiz. My Myers-Briggs had never failed me before. ENFJ all the way, baby. Every description, no matter the unique context, (“What should you read next according to your Myers-Brigg personality test?” or “What your Myers-Briggs test says about what kind of friend you are?”) … [Read more…]

Am I cut out for being a military wife?

It’s gettin’ real, folks, this Air Force thing. My husband is going to Officer Training School in nine weeks and we are moving this June. I expect the wide-eyed “WOW!!” when I tell people about our plans. I see their eyes though. Their eyes say, “Woah. You’re insane, girl. How are you going to handle … [Read more…]