Ladies, let’s stop aplogizing for our tears

I loved watching Kelly Clarkson sing “Piece by Piece” on American Idol earlier this month. It was a moving, emotional ballad; Kelly struggled with tears through the whole song, at times even losing her voice to tears as she pushed through to the end. The audience—and America—wept with her, as she sang about how her … [Read more…]

Remembering Izzy: “Pledged to God”

August 24 would have been my due date. I have been holding off writing this post. It was in my heart…I wanted to write it…but I kept pushing it away, kind of like I’ve been pushing the reality of my miscarriage away lately. Because sometimes, I just want to forget, because it is still painful. … [Read more…]

Pregnancy after Loss: Survivor’s Guilt

The past six months have been a time of immense growth for me, and very painful growth at times. I shared very publicly and honestly about my miscarriage and the grieving process that I went through. While some women prefer to grieve privately, I found that writing and sharing my story on my blog and … [Read more…]