10 things I just don’t give a crap about anymore after 10 years of parenthood

I have been a mother for almost 10 years—TEN YEARS! It’s true. My twins will be 10 years old in a few weeks. There are SO many expectations that we hold for ourselves as parents or that society places upon us about food, clothes, play, sleep, school, toys, etc. etc. etc. to infinity (and beyond!). … [Read more…]

My Middle Child

Earlier this year, we had some concerns about Silas’s health. Silas is my 4 year old son; he is 5 years younger than my twins and 2 years older than his little brother, Eli. While chatting with our pediatrician of 9 years, he flipped through Silas’s chart and remarked, “So, the last time we saw … [Read more…]