When you feel overwhelmed by your kids’ overwhelming emotions

I remember talking with a friend at the park on a chilly day. We were commiserating about the daily battle of getting our sons to wear jackets to school. “He couldn’t find his favorite jacket and refused to wear the TWO ALTERNATIVE jackets I offered him! I felt like the worst mom ever because he … [Read more…]

So you think your child needs counseling: Here’s what it really looks like

I am a mom who has been at the end of her rope. Many, many times. Maybe you’ve been there too with your child: You keep having the same struggles, the same arguments. You go round and round and it always ends up in The Bad Place. You read the books and articles. You talk … [Read more…]

Crunchy or Soggy? The Problem with Parenting Ideologies

“I mean, I’m crunchy, but I’m not that crunchy,” she said. “Crunchy?” I frowned, laughing slightly. “What’s that?” I was 22 and newly pregnant (though I didn’t know it was twins yet!) when I had this conversation with my sister-in-law. She is more than ten years older than me and already had two kids of … [Read more…]

10 things I just don’t give a crap about anymore after 10 years of parenthood

I have been a mother for almost 10 years—TEN YEARS! It’s true. My twins will be 10 years old in a few weeks. There are SO many expectations that we hold for ourselves as parents or that society places upon us about food, clothes, play, sleep, school, toys, etc. etc. etc. to infinity (and beyond!). … [Read more…]