Day 30: A New Journey: Our ASD Diagnosis

Miss a post of Benji’s Story? Catch up here! I wasn’t planning on writing this post during this month, primarily because I didn’t think we would know what we found out this week. Yes, I know. #cryptic. Let me back up a bit. During Benji’s Child Study (and for months and years before we started … [Read more…]

Day 27: Threads of Love: When you want to walk away…and how to come back

Want to read Benji’s Story from the beginning? Start here! When I think about relationships, I imagine all these invisible threads that tie me to the people I love. Time well spent Laughter Inside Jokes Making memories Talking and sharing our thoughts Actively listening Celebrating Apologizing and forgiving each other Accomplishing goals together Growing and … [Read more…]

Day 26: Rooting out Expectations

Miss a post from Benji’s Story? Catch up here! Before I had kids, I used to imagine what it was like to be a mom. My daydreams were always filled with images of me cooking, reading, laughing, and talking…to my daughters. Having boys was a shock to me. Until my twins were about 5, I … [Read more…]

Day 25: One Week Left

Miss a post from Benji’s Story? Start here! Well, it’s Sunday, ya’ll–it’s time for a Diary post. I am getting predictable. (Actually I’ve discovered a lot of patterns about myself, my blog, my writing, etc. through doing this challenge). I have been grading my life away this week and today the pressure was on–I graded … [Read more…]

Just give us a label already!

I remember when I got glasses when I was 8 years old. I walked outside and was amazed–the trees actually had leaves! I could finally see. Twenty (plus) years have passed since that day, and I need my glasses now more than ever. Sometime I think about all the things I wouldn’t be able to … [Read more…]