The Top 10 TheBamBlog posts for 2016

I love list-articles and end of the year wrap-ups. So here’s one for TheBamBlog. These are my top 10 posts for the year per number of views: Self-Care, ADHD, Marriage, Motherhood, Homeschool vs. Public School, Autism, and Christianity. Yep, sounds about right. 10. My 30s suddenly got very expensive (and why I’m okay with that) … [Read more…]

Ten things I didn’t expect 10 years later

You know those cliche “Where do you see yourself in 10 years” writing assignments that English teachers make you write? (Yeah….I made my students do this in class the other day. Way to perpetuate the cliche, right?) Well, I have been thinking a lot about “10 years later” lately because it has been ten years … [Read more…]

“Without Love”: A Devotional PUBLISHED!

I actually posted this devotional to my blog about six months ago but after talking to the editor of the devotional, I took it down at her request until after the book was published. Well, the book came out exactly 6 days ago! (If you click on the image, it will take you to the … [Read more…]