Day 1: Introduction to Benji’s Story

Welcome to The Bam Blog and my Write 31 Days Challenge! Throughout the month of October I will be writing about one topic: Benji’s Story.

Last year (2014), I stopped ignoring my gut and started taking steps to address my son’s life and learning challenges. It has been a hard journey–and it is just the beginning.

IMG_4431In the last 12+ months I have learned about child studies, IEPs, Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Speech Therapy, advocating for my child, how to deal (or not deal) with the overwhelming stress of going through this process…and a whole lot more.

Most of all, I’ve learned to see my son for who he really is, not for who I want him to be. My heart yearns to know him, to understand him. IMG_4432
I prayed that I could see how his mind and heart work, how to be tender with him, how to do better when I suck as a parent, and how seek relationship with him even when it feels impossible.

This is our story of discovering how to parent and educate our son in the best way possible. It is scary to write about this topic because it is intensely personal and it concerns my child, whom I always want to treat with love and respect.

However, my goal in writing down our story is to give other families hope and direction. If you need hope and direction in your parenting journey, welcome. I share our story for you.   BiggerButtonI’ve written the beginning of our story here:
It means you need to be Strong and Brave: How I told my son about his Learning Disabilities
If you think Something is Wrong, Trust your Gut
When the Learning Gates are Closed: Searching for Answers

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Thank you for reading! I look forward to sharing Benji’s Story with you.

Day 1: You’re here! Welcome.
Day 2: When your “normal is not Normal
Day 3: Writing the Letter: Pressing for Testing
Day 4: How I’m doing Write31Days + My Crazy Life
Day 5: Yeah, it didn’t happen
Day 6: The Pieces of SPD or How I learned to Hug my Son
Day 7: The Day People Stared and I didn’t Care
Day 8: The [un]Predictability of SPD: How we’ve learned to Plan for the Crash
Day 9: Celebrate Benji and Micah!
Day 10: Letting him hide in tiny spaces: Meeting the needs of your SPD child
Day 11: Mom, I don’t have any friends: Social Challenges of SPD
Day 12: What Getting an IEP really looks like
Day 13: [Not] Handling Stress: The emotional toll of the IEP process
Day 14: Mental Health Break
Day 15: “If you think you’re going through something hard, it’s because you are”
Day 16: Celebrate Benji the Bard!
Day 17: The Twin Factor: A Special Relationship
Day 18: [Not] Benji’s Story…BUT MENG MENU!
Day 19: The Twin Factor: Why We Chose Separate Classes
Day 20: The Twin Factor: Smarter, Better, and other Ugly Words
Day 21: My Insane Week
Day 22: The Twin Factor: An Impossible Decision
Day 23: Failure, Comparison, and Choosing Joy
Day 24: Just give us a label already!
Day 25: One Week Left
Day 26: Rooting out Expectations
Day 27: When you want to walk away…and how to come back
Day 28: The way to his heart is through his stomach
Day 29: Getting Answers
Day 30: A New Journey: Our ASD Diagnosis
Day 31: Where we are today (and I DID IT!)


    • Oh goodness! I know! It is almost 10pm and I am just getting my post up today. Thanks for visiting my posts. I will check out your series too. Good luck to you! We can do it!

  1. […] The beginning of our story starts here. So…if you are looking for Day 5, it is non-existent. Yep. It only took me 5 days into this challenge to fall off the wagon. I ignored my 6am alarm, telling myself, “Eh! I’ll have time to write later today!” HA! hahahah! Nope. I lie so well to myself. I knew I had a ton of papers to grade, and my baby needed so much mama yesterday. So,yeah. Day 5 is gone. […]

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