Day 14: Mental Health Break

So, yesterday was rough.
I got up at 6am to write yesterday’s post.
My baby had explosive diarrhea and had to have a bath before breakfast.
I was running late getting the boys to school.
I got rear-ended on the way to take Silas to preschool (we are fine, the car is fine. But–STRESS).
Eli only napped for 30 minutes all day– crying a LOT. Started pulling on his ears again.
An impromptu doctor’s appointment revealed our 3rd ear infection (double) in less than a month. Ug….He was so unhappy yesterday.
Then Aaron had to work until 7:45pm last night (13.5 hour day).


Yesterday was one of those days…

Oh, did I mention that I had 3 classes worth of papers to grade and I only got to one?

Needless to say, I am taking a blogging break today to gather my poor frazzled nerves and mental faculties. Benji’s Story will be back tomorrow.

Must. grade. all. the. papers.

But after  I nurse my baby. He’s crying again. #EarInfectionsSuck

Wish me luck, ya’ll (and say a prayer too!)

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