Day 25: One Week Left

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Well, it’s Sunday, ya’ll–it’s time for a Diary post.
I am getting predictable.
(Actually I’ve discovered a lot of patterns about myself, my blog, my writing, etc. through doing this challenge).

I have been grading my life away this week and today the pressure was on–I graded 18 research papers today and was an absolute grump. Thank God for my understanding and patient husband.

My tendinitis is screaming at me.
My brain is throbbing.
I have 5 papers left to grade before my 4:30pm deadline tomorrow and then this term is OVER OVER OVER.
Thank God to the Heavens and then back again. It has been rough (or “ruff” as one of my students wrote in a paper today. #truestory).

This is the last week for Write 31 Days.
I can’t believe the month is almost up.
It went fast.

Here is what to expect in the final week of Benji’s Story:


What the Child Study ultimately revealed…
What we finally decided to do about retention or promotion….
And where we are today. 🙂

Thank you all for reading! I look forward to sharing this last week with you.

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