Day 9: Celebrate Benji and Micah!

So, yesterday I said that today’s post would be about “meeting the needs of your SPD child” but…TODAY IS BENJI AND MICAH’S BIRTHDAY!!!


My babies’ 1st birthday! How has it already been 8 years?!

I gotta take a day and celebrate my boys! This series has been about Benji so far but I have a whole block of posts coming up called “The Twin Factor.” Micah is such a part of Benji’s life–literally, his other half.

100_4729Parenting twins has been the hardest thing I have ever done.


This is how I feel most of the time (Photo by Sabrena Carter Deal)

They have transformed me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically (my belly button never recovered for one thing! We won’t even talk about stretch marks…).

I can still remember what it was like to be pregnant with my twins, to feel four little arms, and four little legs kicking inside me.

We were three heart beats in one.

Here are 8 fun facts about each of my boys on their 8th birthday:


My handsome sweethearts

1. Benji continues to  love trains, cars, and all things fast!
2. He loves to run
3. He loves animals, and especially baby animals. He knows so many facts about animals too (Thanks, Wild Kratts!)
4. He has so many “favorite” foods! This morning, I made a meal he adores: Breakfast burritos! (Other favs include chicken pot pie, chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole, and cheeseburger soup). The way to that boy’s heart is through his stomach!
5. Benji is a caring big brother.
6. He has a giving heart and shares willingly and many times without having to be asked (toys, dessert, etc.)
7. He is great at building with Legos, both sets with instructions and making up his own creations too
8. He loves to tell stories (another post coming on this soon!)

1. Micah loves Star Wars, Ninjas, and all things weapons.
2. He enjoys going hunting with his daddy
3. He has strong opinions and leadership tendencies (sometimes this makes me crazy but I know that these are great qualities to have!)
4. He loves to go grocery shopping with me and is a great helper–he even pushes his own cart when I go two-week grocery shopping!
5. Like his mama, Micah is eager to try new foods at restaurants (he ordered shrimp last Friday!)
6. He is an eager reader and has started to enjoy reading books to himself
7. Micah has a tender heart and is a sweet and sensitive friend to his classmates at school.
8. He loves to make people laugh and works hard to be funny. Here’s a joke he made up (with a little help from Daddy). “Q: Where to Star Wars villains like shop? A: Darth “Mall.”

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read about my special boys. And thank you all who continue to read Benji’s Story. I have so appreciated the love and encouragement I have received from you all, both in Facebook message and in person.

Please come back tomorrow for more of Benji’s Story! (Miss a post? Catch up here!)


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