Good Spring Break

I am on my last day of Spring Break 2010. It has been a good week. I am sad to see it leave. The weather has been wonderful so we have been able to play outside with the boys every day.
I was able to do some sewing! YEA! Check out the cute pics of the little birds I made. The project is not complete. They will be a mobile…someday. Probably not until after school is out for the summer. But I had a great time being creative and sewing them.

The boys call them “chickens”

We took Goldie for a walk almost every day this week. The boys actually walked on the walk! WOW! I have to offer them lots of encouragement and remind them to “keep walking” but they have done really well! We only walk about 4 blocks round trip but I think that is pretty good for a two year old! I think are stroller days are over–which I am sad and glad about.
I also planted some flowers this week! I have this overwhelming desire to plant things now that it is spring, even though my better judgement (and personal history) reminds me that I am not a good plant mother. Well, I can change! I am determined to water my plants, give them sunshine, and not kill them this year! Stay tuned for updates on this daring resolve. Enjoy the pics. The flowers are still alive. 🙂 And I feel very Spring-y. 🙂
This is what your porch looks like when you plant flowers with two-year-olds….and a grown woman who doesn’t have a green thumb….
My flower set up. I feel like I should be in Better Homes and Gardens…ok maybe not. I got a little excited about watering…if you couldn’t tell. Too bad you can’t see them better. They are really pretty! I promise!
Love the pink!
I wish you could see the colors better. They are really pretty.

I also had to do a lot of grading this week and homework. Bleck. But I got all the grading done and um…SOME of the homework. 🙂 I jump right back into school this week. I have a presentation on Tuesday and I need to work hard core on my thesis proposal. That is the other thing I really work on this week: thesis. I have been avoiding it in my mind because my mind was way too full of other things, which is not usually my style or way I approach deadlines or projects. But the thought of the thesis was too overwhelming. Well, there was no avoiding it any more. I HAD to work on it…considering my proposal is due April 1st, which is um….a week and a half away. AHH! I am trying not to freak out–too much. I got some good reading and thinking in this week and I think/hope/pray I am going in a good direction. The proposal is only 10-15 pages so that shouldn’t be too hard to write. Heh…shouldn’t.
So, spring break it was a nice week. And I have made it half-way through my first semester of teaching, going to grad school, wife-ing, and mothering. It was a well earned break.

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