“It’s Poop”

I drink my coffee really sweet. I love dumping a large amount of flavored creamer in my cup of joe every morning. And the boys love to sneak a taste every now and then. In fact, I often pour a little creamer into their milk so they can have “coffee milk.” The LOVE it.

This morning, my dad had left a little coffee in his his cup and the boys wanted to drink it. The thing is, my dad drinks his coffee black. I told the boys they could try it–I was looking forward (in mean mom fashion) to the “icky face.”

I wasn’t disappointed.

Benji took a gulp (the coffee was cold) and made a great face.

Benji: It’s YUCKY!
Me: It’s yucky?
Benji: Yeah. It’s poop.
Me: (lose it laughing)

I guess cold, black coffee tastes like poop to a two-year old. Actually, I tend to agree. Bring on the french vanilla creamer, baby!

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