Kid Crafts: Crayon Creations

One of the blogs I follow posted this fun project earlier this week and I knew that I had to try making some fun Crayon Creations with the boys.
Crayons (I used our less-than-awesome RoseArt Crayons)
Paper (thicker works better–we used marker/paint paper from an art pad)
Paper towels 
(This is definitely a mommy-needs-to-help craft)
First, peel back some paper from the end of the crayon and carve some shavings with the knife. The boys picked out the colors and I did the shaven’! 
Next, fold the paper in half and sprinkle some crayon shavings on one side
Fold the paper 
 Lay a paper towel under the paper (on the counter) and place a folded paper towel on top 
Iron over the paper towel for 20 seconds (I had the iron heated to Cotton/no steam) rubbing back and forth along the paper
Open your paper up and enjoy your Crayon Creation! 
Let dry in a cool place.
Benji helped me make a few but I didn’t get any pics with him. 
Here is one of Micah’s
Micah took this picture! 
The boys assigned “bugs” to all of them: “That one looks like a Butterfly/Caterpillar/Beetle/Etc”
Proudly display your Crayon Creations! Each one is so unique and pretty! 

  1. I saw this on the blog too! I was thinking about doing it today, but haven't gotten a chance to yet! Great work, boys!!! They totally look like beautiful, unique bugs!!!

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