Luna the Lovebird

It has been several months since my beloved 22 year old lovebird, Polly, died. You can read about her here. I have really been missing having Polly, or just having a bird, in my life, especially in the afternoons when the boys are napping, in the evenings, and when Aaron is gone. I just loved having a little friend in my life to keep me company!
 …today, we got a new lovebird! I had been thinking about it for a while and had even picked out a breeder but sadly, that breeder sold out before I was able to secure a deposit on a bird. Sad!
But a few days ago, my friend Debbie sent me the link to a craigslist post–someone was selling baby lovebirds!
 The seller hand-raised this little bird (she is about 8-9 weeks old, hatched mid October) and we drove an hour to pick her up. We only paid $40 for this little beauty! 
 I named her Luna, after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter fame. Luna is an eccentric, quirky and lovable character in the books and lovebirds are much the same. 
I think it is a perfect name for this little sweetie! 

  She is very tame and sweet. I am already in love!

 I look forward to many wonderful years (another 22? I hope!) with my new feathered friend.

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