Meng Menu

Sunday: Pizza rolls, salad      
Monday: Hawaiian roll sandwiches, veggies, apples, chips  
Tuesday: Asian pork chops, rice, broccoli
Wednesday: Eggs, bacon, bread, fruit
Saturday: BAM Cheeseburger soup, rolls 
Confession: Aaron and I have become cheese snobs. Someone gave us from fresh mozzarella cheese a few months ago and after making the Pizza rolls (link above!) with the fresh cheese (we’re talkin’ fresh, soft, creamy, smooth, melty, stretch-for-a-mile cheese, not the block or the bag kind) we have not gone back. 
The fresh mozzarella led to fresh parmesan cheese (SO much better than the shake-out-of-a-can kind!). The only problem is that fresh cheese is a LOT more expensive. So, I look for sales a lot and I bought some mozzarella that was on sale today to stick in the freezer. Even though the fresh cheese is more expensive, I don’t think I can go back….I  think my taste buds would throw a fit. 
Total today was $130: a bit over budget. It was probably all that cheese I bought. 😉 In my mind (and mouth) though, TOTALLY WORTH IT! 
Can I also say how excited I am that the high this week is only in the 70s in Virginia???? Bring on the Cheeseburger Soup, baby! My recipe for this yummy, healthy soup makes 8 hearty servings so am going to freeze half so we can have a quick dinner after the baby arrives (it freezes beautifully!). 

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