Meng Menu

Sunday: Grilled chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, corn
Monday: Bierocks, salad
Tuesday: Sloppy joes, green bean casserole
Wednesday: Stouffer’s Lasagna, salad
Thursday: Chicken Fajitas
Friday: Broiled chicken breasts, rice, broccoli
Saturday: Leftovers or out to eat
My menu blog post have been sporadic lately–probably because my menu planning has been sporadic as I am still in the throes of pregnancy sickness. Today when I planned my dinners for the week, everything sounded appetizing. I am hoping that the day I make the food, it still sounds good. 
I have been doing pretty well budget wise–staying under or at $125–but I went $10 over this week. Pre-pregnancy, I didn’t buy a lot of snacks. Now, I have to load up because eating every 1.5 to 2 hours is the only way for me to feel about 80% normal. So this week I bought yogurt, cheese sticks, goldfish, dried apricots, pudding, individual cups of peaches, granola bars, and rainbow sherbet (my craving last night) and probably a few other things I forgot. Wow! Writing it all down seems like a lot–but I’m sure everything will be gone by next week, especially since the boys are more than willing to help me eat the snacks. 
My first appointment is on Wednesday–maybe I’ll ask the doctor for an anti-nausea prescription. This sickness has got to end….

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