Menu Monday

I only spent $115 on groceries this week (budget was $125!) YEA!! I was even able to get some extra goodies like ingredients to make rice crispy treats, sunchips, and cinnamon rolls. 🙂

Saturday: Leftover Shepherd’s Pie
Sunday: Grilled Cheese, tomato soup
Monday: Pan-Fried Grouper (fish), pasta dish, steamed broccoli
Tuesday: Fried Shrimp, hashbrowns, steamed veggies
Wednesday: Chicken fajitas, refried beans
Thursday: Baked Potato Soup, yeast rolls
Friday: Hot dogs, baked fries, jello salad

Breakfast = Cinnamon rolls, yogurt, fruit (strawberries are in season again YES!), English muffins, eggs, bacon
Lunch = sandwiches–PBJ, turkey, tuna, grilled cheese; leftovers; soup 
Snacks/Dessert = sun chips, rice crispy treats (we made these this morning!), rice cakes, cheese-its, jello, pudding cups 

  1. I've been remiss at putting together menus lately, so our shopping has been by the meal, or not at all and we've been scrounging the cupboards, which are bare. Last night we had pancakes, eggs and bacon. Breakfast today: Slim pickin's.

    Better get on the ball. You've inspired me, again!

  2. Oliva, I didn't use any coupons this week but I always check before I go to see what their specials are for the week. Then I plan my menu around that. I saved over $20 with my Kroger card yesterdy.

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