New Curtains! Before and After

Here was my DIY project yesterday afternoon: New Curtains!
(please excuse the blue painters tape. It’s only been up for 5 years. We’ll paint that wood one of these days!)
(Nice shot of our new Durango too!)
I made these curtains in 2008 so they have been up for a while. I was ready for a change. 
 I love the fabric but HOLY COW I paid and arm and a leg for it even though it was 40% off at Joanns. 6.5 yards of anything isn’t cheap, I guess. Plus I fully lined the curtains with 6.5 yards of muslin to protect from fading. 
I love how they look! They really add a new dimension to our dining room. 
Yay for DIY weekend projects!
(I must give a shout-out to my husband, Aaron, who against his will (his will was to nap) graciously moved the curtain rod and hung the curtains for me. Love you!)

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