My Middle Child

Earlier this year, we had some concerns about Silas’s health. Silas is my 4 year old son; he is 5 years younger than my twins and 2 years older than his little brother, Eli. While chatting with our pediatrician of 9 years, he flipped through Silas’s chart and remarked, “So, the last time we saw … [Read more…]

I hate disclosure (but here’s why I do it anyway)

“How’d Benji do?” I asked the volunteer chess leader, a middle age man with a beard and thick glasses. I had dropped off my twins, Benji and Micah, an hour ago at the library chess club, our first time visiting. Well, “dropped off” is generous: I stayed at the library the whole time they were … [Read more…]

Autism is not a tragedy

A reoccurring conversation that I frequently see on Social Media is the dreaded Autism and vaccines debate. This is a vehemently polarizing issue, but I’ll let you know my stance right off the bat: from my research, I believe that Autism is primarily genetic and/or caused by complications in utero, not by outside influences, such … [Read more…]

I finally got my ring, ya’ll

One of my favorite topics when I was teaching University 101 (aka Life Skills) was a class on money. I passed out slips of paper to my student with real-life Money Management scenarios on them about lending money to friends, paying debts, saving, using credit cards and much more. My favorite scenario, however, was THIS … [Read more…]

We changed our life (part 4)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Finally, on Sunday June 18 at 3:00pm, my kids had lunch, I had an iced coffee, and I was back at the house to take stock of this chaotic day. I knew I needed to find an auto store to buy some coolant, but first I decided to take … [Read more…]

We changed our life (Part 3)

Part 1 Part 2 Friday, June 16, was Aaron’s graduation. And Saturday? It was officially “Move to Texas Day,” at least for me and the kids. Aaron flew back to VA early Saturday morning to pack up our moving truck and drive it to Texas. I did not envy him. Of course, I had a … [Read more…]