Jello Mousse

This is a yummy dessert that I made up and have been making this summer. It is super easy, yummy, and very budget friendly! We ate it tonight. 🙂 Jello Mousse One small package of jello, any flavor1 cup hot water1 cup ice cubes1/2 tub of Cool Whip (approx 1.5 cups)Fruit (optional) In a LARGE … [Read more…]

Random Adorable-ness

Just had to share so super cute things Benji has done lately–mostly so I won’t forget!! The other day Benji was sitting with Aaron on the couch with his toy elephant. Benji was very interested in Aaron’s…um..leg hair. In fact, it looked rather tasty–for the elephant! He kept bobbing his elephant up and down on … [Read more…]

Potty Training: One Week Recap

Seems like the vast majority of my blog posts have to do with bodily eliminations. Kinda gross but that is my life right now, I guess. My brother (single) commented when he spent time with my sister and me (both married with kids) that all we talk about is poop. NO we don’t! we loudly … [Read more…]

The Poop Story

Hey everyone. Don’t tell Mommy, but we hijacked her computer while she is in the shower and decided to tell everybody what we did yesterday. Ok Benji, you go first. No, you go. No–you! a;rkjhaeljropaewjoirjawfnklfnaseklf; Ok, I guess we will have to do this together. We are twins, after all. The Poop Story by Micah … [Read more…]

(Another) 90 minute shirt

Here is another 90 minute shirt I made for the boys. I LOVE IT! I made it out of one of Aaron’s old t-shirt (yellow) and Poppie’s shirts (blue). It is too cute. And I managed to snap a picture of Benji wearing it too! Enjoy!


This is a total “mom” post. Potty language and humor ahead: Beware. After dinner is Micah’s “pooping time.” He usually starts making “the face” around the end of dinner. Tonight, he got really quiet and I said, “Potty?!” He said “POOP!” So off we went. His shirt was super sticky from the caramel that I … [Read more…]

…has boobs?

This was an actual conversation we had at dinner tonight. ::shakes head and laughs and shakes head again:: Setting: Family dinner, spaghetti. BENJI is engaged in a rousing retelling of “Mulan” with AARON. MICAH decides to join in the discussion. Micah: Mulan…? Wears a dress?Me: Yes, Mulan does wear a dress sometimes. She is a … [Read more…]

Swimsuit cover up

I made a swimsuit cover up after seeing an adorable example on Made. In fact, (sheepish smile) I used the same towel that Dana does. Target had a great sale going on….I guess we hit the store in the same week. 🙂 I made the cover up in about an hour and a half last … [Read more…]

The “Big” Bib: Tutorial

Welcome to my first ever tutorial! (Please have patience and mercy as I have never done this before…) I have been meaning to make some new bibs for the boys for a while now. The little bibs I got for my baby showers just weren’t cutting it anymore. They are like highwater bibs–they come to … [Read more…]