Coffee Date Dress

I made a new dress! Seriously, I have an addiction. I really love sewing right now and I really love clothes SO…the more dresses the merrier! I found this FREE pattern online! Yes, FREE! You can’t beat that! It is called the Coffee Date Dress. I printed off the pattern, taped all the pieces together … [Read more…]

90 Minute Shirt

A week or so ago, I made this little shirt for the boys. I found this awesome tutorial for the “90 minute shirt” here (BTW, I currently love the “MADE” blog. I stalk it daily. 🙂 Anyways, here are some pics of how the shirt turned out. I love it and it really was easy … [Read more…]

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Here is a super yummy (personally tweaked!) recipe that I have been making quite a bit lately. They are a great way to use up brown bananas. The boys love them and so do I (even though I am usually not a big fan of banana bread)! The boys call these muffins “mups!” So cute! … [Read more…]


My grandfather, Charles Kenneth Arpke, passed away on Tuesday May 18th. He was the ripe old age of 88 and had been fading for a while but his passing still hurt quite a bit. Aaron and I packed up the boys, picked up my sister Kalina, her son Hunter, and my brother Kellan (who happened … [Read more…]

Tiss and Snugs?

I wrote earlier this year about the cute way the boys say certain words, especially “kiss” (tiss!) and “snuggle/hug” (snugs!) The other night the boys were NOT wanting to go to sleep. The kept crying and crying in their room. After numerous trips in there to talk to them and snuggle with them, we finally … [Read more…]

Chew! Chew!

Like most 2 year olds learning to talk, the boys are repeating everything we say, especially common phrases like “be careful!” “What do you say?” and “Are you ok?” We say this last phrase quite a bit, especially after the boys cough. The tend to cough quite a bit at dinner where there is a … [Read more…]

How to sew a Twofer dress- Take 2

I made another twofer dress! I made this one a little differently and it turned out so cute! I attempted to take some pictures showing “how” I made it. Enjoy! I am loving my new outfit! First, I cut a “pattern” out of wrapping paper. I cut pockets for this dress! The long side of … [Read more…]

How to make a Twofer dress

Ug! I felt like I was drowning in grading and emailing students this week. So, that said, I either wanted to do one of two things: shop for new clothes, or sew something cute. Since money is a bit on the tight side, and I was feeling extra creative, I decided on the later. Enter … [Read more…]

Sex ed?

Tonight I was talking to the boys and having them repeat all of my siblings names. They were having a lot of fun saying “Chelsea!” “Amberley!” “Kalina!” “Baby Hunter!” My sister Chelsea is pregnant so I decided to tell the boys. Here is Benji’s response: Me: Benji, there is a baby in Chelsea’s tummy! Benji: … [Read more…]

Good Spring Break

I am on my last day of Spring Break 2010. It has been a good week. I am sad to see it leave. The weather has been wonderful so we have been able to play outside with the boys every day. I was able to do some sewing! YEA! Check out the cute pics of … [Read more…]