Did it hurt?

This story is a little off-color–BUT super funny…you know you want to keep reading. We were eating dinner the other night and the boys were pretending to be dragons, complete with loud roaring! Aaron, not wanting to be left out of the fun, decided to join in on the dragon game. In typical man-fashion, he … [Read more…]

Throw it in the “basket” (?)

I have been trying to teach the boys about chores and responsibility lately with having them take their dishes to the sink, etc. One chore I have been trying to work on is having them put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Today, I changed the boys out of their jammies in the living … [Read more…]


(Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. It is Spring Break this week. Enough said) Here are some adorable things the boys say these days: Benji: “Reckle! Reckle!” (he wants to wrestle) “Oh goo-less!” (oh goodness!) Apparently, I say this a lot… “Oh Tallah!” (Thomas the Train. He actually doesn’t say this anymore but it … [Read more…]

Who’s here??

This is an old story but I don’t want to forget it so I am blogging about it now. Over New Years, we were in FL visiting family. We were staying with Aaron’s dad and stepmom who have a beautiful, new house. The only problem with this beautiful, new house is that the doors, for … [Read more…]

It’s gonna getcha!

Micah as a severe phobia of bugs. Yes, bugs. Especially stink bugs that have somehow survived this horrible Virginia winter by taking up residence in my house. (FYI, stink bugs are like a small beetle). Whenever Micah sees a bug he will point and say “bug! bug! bug!” over and over again until someone does … [Read more…]

Working Mom

It is really hard to be a working mom. People always talk about balance. I am still searching for that magic pinnacle—the point where I will be balance between home and work. I’ve heard other working moms talk about the guilt of leaving their kids when they go to work. I haven’t felt guilt per … [Read more…]

Happy Ending

So, some wonderful news. You know the kid who was so disrespectfully rude to me in the previous post? I got an e-mail from him on Sunday morning that went something like this: “Sorry about calling you out on the reading thing on Friday. That was totally uncalled for and I apologize for that.” And … [Read more…]

My first week of teaching…

Wednesday was my first day teaching—kind of. We just did a get to know you time and had an assessment. My first class was pretty quiet at first and I had to employ my amazing abilities of charm, sarcasm, and wit to get them talking and laughing. It worked. I had fun. My second class … [Read more…]

Mrs. Meng

Tomorrow I take on a new title. Yes, I know I have been Mrs. Meng for over three years but no one ever calls me that. If they do, I always giggle. It sounds so formal and…just weird. Me? A Mrs? Yes. Apparently so. But tomorrow I will be Mrs. Meng to my students. I … [Read more…]

Tree Hugger

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. The boys were pretty excited about it and sort of in awe. Micah, especially, had some strong feelings about the tree. When we got the tree wrapped in netting before we left, Micah started crying, saying “hurt! hurt!” We tried to explain that the tree was not hurt inside … [Read more…]