Sweet Nothings

Here are some actual adorable “conversations” we had with Benji tonight: Aaron: Benji, are you ADD? Benji: (immediately) Yes. (Scene: Benji is sticking pumpkin stickers on Brittany’s forehead) Brittany: Benji, is Mommy pretty? Benji: So pretty!!!! I tried to get it to repeat the “so pretty” (for my own vanities’ sake) but it was a … [Read more…]

Happy 2nd Birthday Micah and Benji

I cannot believe my babies are TWO! TWO???? SERIOUSLY?? I cannot believe it…wait. I just said that. But it is true. They turned TWO on October 9th. We had a great day! I hosted a “friends” party for them in the back yard. It was really a glorified play group but we had a LOT … [Read more…]

Buttercup Bags

So, I have been complaining about having NO FREE TIME! WOE IS ME! I am actually a lier. I have carved out a little free time to do some sewing. I call it my Sanity Sewing Break. I found this adorable little bag pattern on Arin Rollins sewing blog. Her blog led me Made by Rae. Here … [Read more…]

Not only have I been a blog slacker…

I have been a Shred Slacker too. Yes, I am bad. My exercising has dwindled down to….none or maybe once a week. I lost some momentum when my knees starting hurting around Shred day 22 or so. So I cut back. Then I starting doing my Biggest Loser Yoga video (which I really like, except … [Read more…]


I haven’t blogged in over a month! AK! Not that I have readers pounding at my door, dying to know about my life…but still! I feel bad. I have been so busy with school and just LIFE! My time is consumed with homework. This is actually a “lighter” week–meaning I don’t have 600 pages to … [Read more…]

Menu Planning

I was inspired by my friend Tara‘s blog to post a copy of my weekly menu plan. I have been planning weekly menus since Aaron and I got married. It helps me know what I am going to make every night and, more importantly, keeps me from wandering aimlessly in the grocery store, buying lots … [Read more…]

Shred- Day 12 The Good and the Bad

Today is Day 12 of Shredding. After 10 days of doing Level One, I was feeling pretty good–a lot stronger, confident, maybe a little cocky. It is time, I thought, to move on up to Level Two! WOOT! Well, after two days of Level Two, I am not feeling so, um, cocky anymore. Level Two, … [Read more…]

Shred update

I am still Shredding! Today is day 10!! WOW! I took Sunday off–I told myself I needed a break (seriously, I think I was just being lazy)–but I was back at it on Monday. Tomorrow I start Level 2! EEK! I am scared. My endurance is so much greater than when I started a week … [Read more…]

My new cloth diapers!

I made some new cloth diapers. I LOVE using cloth! We have used cloth diapers since the boys were born (we use disposables sometimes too, but cloth about 90% of the time) and I love it!  I made some diapers last summer. They were for 10-20 lbs and now the boys are growing out of … [Read more…]

Day 4- The Shred

An update on my workout challenge: I am MUCH less sore today! YEA! Thank goodness. Right now, my muscle are feeling good and not hurting so much. I am getting stronger!