Signing Time

(I realized I haven’t blogged in two weeks! Don’t know how many people read this but I thought I should update!) The boys’ new favorite thing is “Signing Time” videos. We get them from the library and the love them! They ask to watch them and when I pop in the DVD they get hysterical … [Read more…]

Done with school!

I realized I needed to post an update on school! I AM DONE! My survived my first semester of full time grad school. YEA! And I got a 4.0. SUPER YEA! It was a lot of hard work but I learned a LOT and had a great time. Grad school is a lot more challenging … [Read more…]


We finally did it! Aaron and I went to see Wicked this weekend. We have been wanting to see the musical since we were dating. We promised each other that we would go see it in NYC for our first anniversary. Well, number 1 came around and I was 5 months preggo with twins. Then … [Read more…]

Richmond Adventure

We had a really good past weekend. Aaron took off on Friday to get some school work done and work on our deck that we are building. It was nice to have him home for the day. On Saturday, we got up at 6:30 and left at 7:45 to head to Richmond VA. (We were … [Read more…]


Benji is staring to talk a lot these days. He understands even more than he can say and when we ask the “right” question, he responds in a very enthusiastic and high pitched, “YEAH!” He has also learned to say “no.” More precisely he often says “umm….no.” It is so cute. He really draws out … [Read more…]

Stupid Dog!

We have had a very bad week with the dog. She had discovered that she has a taste for disposable diapers and likes to shred them on the living room floor. And she also likes to use the living room carpet as her personal potty. So frustrating! When I got out of the shower on … [Read more…]

Teething Woes

I officially HATE teething. Benjamin has been a bear this week. He now has 5 teeth but each one has come in with fever, crying, temper tantrums and over all distress for mommy and baby. SIGH. He had a fever for 3 days last week and was very sensitive to any little disruption to his … [Read more…]

Easter hello?

This morning, Easter morning, while I was getting ready for church Micah found my phone and pressed the speed dial buttons just right to call my sister Chelsea in KS. She thought it was me and answered “Happy Easter!!” Micah breathed heavily into the phone.  Chelsea: Hello? Micah: HI!!!!!! Chelsea: Hi Micah!! Micah: Hey! Hey! … [Read more…]


The boys’ new favorite word is…can you guess? DOG! They say “dog” all day long, especially when they haven’t seen Goldie in a while, like after their naps. Micah says, “Dog, dog, dog, dog, dog?” And Benji will say, “Hi! Hi! Hi! Hey dog!” It is so cute. They also recognize dogs on tv, movies, … [Read more…]


We have a DOG!!!! Yes, a dog! We got her this weekend, Saturday March 21 at 9:30pm. In my last post, I mentioned that we were looking into getting a dog. We looked at and saw her picture online. I fell in love and knew that I had to e-mail the rescue to find … [Read more…]