Mrs. Meng

Tomorrow I take on a new title. Yes, I know I have been Mrs. Meng for over three years but no one ever calls me that. If they do, I always giggle. It sounds so formal and…just weird. Me? A Mrs? Yes. Apparently so. But tomorrow I will be Mrs. Meng to my students. I … [Read more…]

Tree Hugger

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. The boys were pretty excited about it and sort of in awe. Micah, especially, had some strong feelings about the tree. When we got the tree wrapped in netting before we left, Micah started crying, saying “hurt! hurt!” We tried to explain that the tree was not hurt inside … [Read more…]

Sweet Nothings

Here are some actual adorable “conversations” we had with Benji tonight: Aaron: Benji, are you ADD? Benji: (immediately) Yes. (Scene: Benji is sticking pumpkin stickers on Brittany’s forehead) Brittany: Benji, is Mommy pretty? Benji: So pretty!!!! I tried to get it to repeat the “so pretty” (for my own vanities’ sake) but it was a … [Read more…]

Happy 2nd Birthday Micah and Benji

I cannot believe my babies are TWO! TWO???? SERIOUSLY?? I cannot believe it…wait. I just said that. But it is true. They turned TWO on October 9th. We had a great day! I hosted a “friends” party for them in the back yard. It was really a glorified play group but we had a LOT … [Read more…]

Buttercup Bags

So, I have been complaining about having NO FREE TIME! WOE IS ME! I am actually a lier. I have carved out a little free time to do some sewing. I call it my Sanity Sewing Break. I found this adorable little bag pattern on Arin Rollins sewing blog. Her blog led me Made by Rae. Here … [Read more…]

Not only have I been a blog slacker…

I have been a Shred Slacker too. Yes, I am bad. My exercising has dwindled down to….none or maybe once a week. I lost some momentum when my knees starting hurting around Shred day 22 or so. So I cut back. Then I starting doing my Biggest Loser Yoga video (which I really like, except … [Read more…]


I haven’t blogged in over a month! AK! Not that I have readers pounding at my door, dying to know about my life…but still! I feel bad. I have been so busy with school and just LIFE! My time is consumed with homework. This is actually a “lighter” week–meaning I don’t have 600 pages to … [Read more…]

Menu Planning

I was inspired by my friend Tara‘s blog to post a copy of my weekly menu plan. I have been planning weekly menus since Aaron and I got married. It helps me know what I am going to make every night and, more importantly, keeps me from wandering aimlessly in the grocery store, buying lots … [Read more…]

Shred- Day 12 The Good and the Bad

Today is Day 12 of Shredding. After 10 days of doing Level One, I was feeling pretty good–a lot stronger, confident, maybe a little cocky. It is time, I thought, to move on up to Level Two! WOOT! Well, after two days of Level Two, I am not feeling so, um, cocky anymore. Level Two, … [Read more…]

Shred update

I am still Shredding! Today is day 10!! WOW! I took Sunday off–I told myself I needed a break (seriously, I think I was just being lazy)–but I was back at it on Monday. Tomorrow I start Level 2! EEK! I am scared. My endurance is so much greater than when I started a week … [Read more…]