New Years Resolutions

I was really into resolutions when I was younger, making lists in journals or lavender flowered notebooks of how I was going to improve myself for the year. For the last two years, I have not written any resolutions. Two years ago, my only goal was to graduate from college. DONE. Last year, it was … [Read more…]

A Good Year

In these few moments where I am not being attacked by shrieking, climbing, slobbering children, I thought I would take time to reflect on the last 12 months. We have had an eventful year. Last year at this time, the boys were barely 3 months old and I was still trying to get the hand … [Read more…]

First Tooth!

Benjamin FINALLY cut his first tooth yesterday! I have been waiting for teeth to come in forever- or 8 months to be exact, ever since they were 6 months old. But month after month, there have been NO teeth. The boys are now 14 months old (15 months on Jan. 9th!) and we have our … [Read more…]

Welcome to our blog!

Ok, I am totally a blog stalker. I stalk tons of people’s blogs and am obsessive about checking them. Since I like other people’s blogs so much I thought, hey, it’s time to start my own.  So, WELCOME to the Meng Family blog! Otherwise known as BAM! BAM works on all levels for our family–Brittany … [Read more…]