Recovering from Summer: The toughest season of the year

We just passed the first day of Autumn on September 22 (though from the weather here in Texas, you’d hardly know it) and I’ve spent some time reflecting our Summer.

It was freakin’ hard, ya’ll.

Summer is traditionally hard for me:
I do not like being hot
I am not a huge fan of swimming (and swimsuits…there is so much grooming that has to happen beforehand, let’s just be honest, can we?)
And my boys….MY BOYS.

This is my third summer of 4 boys but it is the first summer that my youngest (2 years old) could run—fast.

And that’s what I did all summer. I ran after my boys. I tried to wear them out at parks or at the pool in the mornings (and sometimes the evenings) so that I didn’t feel as guilty when they watched TV all afternoon while I hid in my room and tried to regain some mental sanity.
We had fun this summer, we really did. But oh….
The energy.
The begging for food every 7 minutes.
The fights.
The arguing.
The wrestling (oh, the wrestling).

Yeah, that’s a typical summer at the Meng house.

But this summer had some extra layers: I was dealing with the aftermath of parenting solo for 9 weeks, selling our house (by myself), packing our house, going on a huge road trip with 4 kids and a dog, moving to Texas, settling into a new home, adjusting to Air Force life, and trying to carve out a new life without a support system.

This Summer was freakin’ hard, ya’ll.

I crashed in August.

I can always tell how bad my depression is by looking at how many times I blog in a month. In August, I only wrote 4 times, and those posts were written by sheer will power because I told myself  writing makes you happy, remember? but I was so exhausted and so mentally foggy that it was a miracle that I wrote anything coherent last month.

I also broke my big toe in July and that majorly threw me off course. I had been doing really well with exercising for, like, the first time in 33 years and was pumped up about smoothies and being healthy, and all that jazz. Then I broke my toe in a freak accident and had to wear a boot for 4 weeks. That sucked and my awesome fitness routine went down the toilet, along with my mood.
My Netflix watching skyrocketed though, as did my irritability, my desire for sanity, and Dear-Lord-just-let-school-start-please.

Well, school did start and I’ve slowly been crawling out of my cave of depression.

After 6 weeks, my broken bone is better (still stiff but getting better each day).
I’m exercising again.
I’m taking new supplements to help with adrenal fatigue (they are helping).
I’m reminding myself to drink more water.
I’m adding more veggies to my diet.
I’m addressing my Netflix vice.

Basically, I am trying to take care of myself so I can be more healthy both physically and mentally.

I was trying to take care of myself this summer too but I was in a hurricane of transition and children’s needs, plus other issues like the stupid broken toe and regular weather-induced migraines.

I honestly dread summer each year. Every year I am so worn out at the end that it takes me about a month to get back to feeling “normal” again. (I’ve seriously googled “Summer Au Pair for 2018” but we could probably never afford it).

But I’m trying not to think about next year. I’ll deal with it when it comes. For right now, I’m just going to focus on enjoying the new season, thanking God that transition and change are a part of life and no season lasts forever.

  What about you? Is summer hard for you? How do you make summer easier on yourself and your family?
What are you doing to recover from summer both physically and mentally?








  1. Summer is so hard for me, too! I feel your pain. Sorry about your toe and how it broke your feeling good awesome fitness routine. That really stinks! I am glad school has begun as well and we are transitioning to another school year. I agree – I am not looking forward to next summer, but will worry about that then. 🙂

  2. Alison

    I, too, hate being hot and STOP all exercise in the summer. This year was a bit better, but overall, summer is made better with living in the city. Zoo, Please Touch Museum, Aquarium, Baby Word Play, Repeat. Without my morning escapes, days would drag, and I’d feel even more exhausted than I am when running around museums.

  3. Winter is the only time of year I enjoy! Prefer cold temperatures to warm. Heat makes my multiple sclerosis flare up. When we bought this house, my only requirements were 2 bathrooms and air conditioning! Two bathrooms was in case we got the flu. We moved to Saint Paul, MN for the cold winters.

    • I love that you moved to MN FOR the winters! That is great!:) I’m more of a middle of the road girl–spring and fall are my favorite (I hope that we actually see “fall” in TX…)

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