Shred update

I am still Shredding! Today is day 10!! WOW! I took Sunday off–I told myself I needed a break (seriously, I think I was just being lazy)–but I was back at it on Monday. Tomorrow I start Level 2! EEK! I am scared. My endurance is so much greater than when I started a week and a half ago. I am still sweaty and breathing hard by the end but I definitely feel stronger.

Two day this past week I haven’t wanted to get up and Shred before the boys got up. So I slept in. But I felt so guilty/compelled that I couldn’t skip a day. So, I ended up doing the DVD while the boys watched. The first day, I had to bribe them 4 times (fruit snacks, cereal, books, juice) before I could finish the 20 min workout. It took me about 35 minutes to do the whole thing. Benji was hanging on my leg during the lunge–“hold me! hold me!” 
 The second time I Shredded while the boys watched they were better. In fact, the even tried to imitate some of the moves, ie. waving their arms while I  did Jumping Jacks and pretending to lift “weights” (toys) above their head. So funny! 
Not sure if I have lost any weight yet–maybe a pound. But I feel really proud of myself for making it 10 days! I have NEVER liked exercising (Read: I HATE EXERCISING!) so I am kind of amazed that I am actually sticking to this. Only 20 days to go till I reach my goal! 

  1. I'll have to send you our bathroom scale. From the time I stepped on it this morning to when I got back from my doctor's office, I lost about 20 pounds! Obviously, it has some issues, but oh how I loved seeing those prepregger numbers on the scale again… even if due to a faulty scale.

    Keep up the hard work!

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