The trials of being a twin: A Five year old’s perspective

Micah and Benji are five years old and frequently (and loudly) announce to others (like random people at the park):


Being twins is unique!
Being twins is fun!

But sometimes, being twins is annoying. Or even, confusing.

This is a snippet of the conversation we had at dinner tonight.

Micah: Sometimes my friends call me ‘Benji.’
Me: Ahh…I see. Does that bother you?
Micah: Yeah, because I’m NOT Benji.
Me: Why do you think they call you Benji?
Micah: I don’t know!
Me: Are you and Benji twins?
Micah: Yes.
Me: Do you and Benji look alike?
Micah: (emphatically) No! We don’t look alike…
Me: Well, some people think you look like Benji.
Micah: But I don’t look like Benji! I look like Micah!

(Yes, indeed, little man. You do look like Micah.)

We decided to query Benji to get his take on this problem.

Me: Benji, do your friends ever call you ‘Micah’?
Benji: (very matter of fact) No, my friends call me ‘Benji’.
Micah: I don’t like being a twin!

Aaron: Well, son, you’ll need to take that up with God.

Do you know who is who???

  1. Micah right and Benji left?? I have never seen them in person and only know then through your blog and facebook, so I am probably wrong lol…

  2. No…other way around. 😉 No worries! They are just going to have to get used to people mixing them up. That is what we told Micah.

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