What’s saving my life right now

One of my favorite bloggers is Modern Mrs. Darcy. I follow her blog religiously. She has so many great posts about real life—and reading—that speak to me on a regular basis.

She presents an annual winter question to her readers: “What is saving your life right now?” She struggles in winter to keep her spirits up and today she shared 10 things that are saving her life right now.

After reading her list, I asked myself the same question and found that I really had to think really hard.

It’s been a tough week for me. Eli (2) has been sick; I’ve been up with him 1-2 times most nights so good sleep has been hard to find.
Silas (4) is a ball of emotions these days and bursts into screams on a regular basis about everything and nothing. It is extremely draining.
And in the background of my life is the anticipation of our huge life change coming up. Aaron is going to Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) soon (the countdown is on) and we are moving as soon as school gets out this summer.

It’s getting real, folks, and I’m feeling it every day.

So, answering the question, “What is saving my life right now?” is tough because it seems like there are so many things that are draining it away.

But I’m going to try. So here it is: 7 Things that are saving my life right now.
1. Finding new homes for our pets
We’re moving cross-country this summer to begin our Air Force adventure and we knew we needed to rehome most of our pets: our lovebird, guinea pig, and chickens.
It has been a huge relief to me to find homes for all of our pets. Well, sort of.
Our guinea pig, Kitten (yep, real name!), died about 10 days ago. He was an old pig (6+ years old! Guinea pigs typically live 3-5 years) but we were sad to say goodbye to him.
Our lovebird, Lucy, has a great new family who adores her! I couldn’t be happier.
And our across the street neighbors and friends just agreed to give our three backyard chickies a new home.
I love our animals and, while it’s sad to say goodbye to them, it is a huge relief to have peace of mind that they all have good homes (even though every time I peel carrots, I miss Kitten).

2. Reading
I’ve been reading some really good books lately, ones that both feed my soul and make me stay up way too late at night. The best kind, really.
Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson (encouragement for tired moms)
The Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner (two sisters get separated during the bombing blitz of London during WWII)
The Flight of the Sparrow by Amy Belding Brown (a gripping, stay-up-way-too-late novel of an Indian captivity in Puritan America)

3. Yoga
I like to practice yoga twice a week at the YMCA. This week I haven’t been able to on my regular days because of sick kiddos but I went today and it was heaven.
I especially enjoy the attention to detail of the instructor. He always provides essential oils to rub on our hands at the beginning, and a personal shoulder massage at the end while we are resting to help everyone deeply relax. It is a full sensory experience that I deeply enjoy.

4. Selling stuff
Like I said, we’re moving. We’ve been going through our basement hard core lately, posting items online in hopes of getting rid of stuff (“Why do we have so much crap?!”) and building up our savings for when Aaron will be gone. This week, I made almost $100! It’s so good to get rid of stuff we don’t need and to save for the lean time that is coming. Gratifying in every sense.

5. Guest Writers
MotheringBeyondExpectations—my collective blog about motherhood that I created and edit—is still in its infancy. We’re moving into month five, and every month, I wonder, “will I have enough posts? Is it all going to fall apart?”
I’ve lost some of my core, monthly writers lately so my anticipation sometimes teeters close to anxiety. But it always works out and February is no exception. I’ve received three guest posts so far, two of which are from new writers.
I love featuring the stories of women that encourage and uplift in honest, heartfelt ways and knowing that the blog is growing, and people that I don’t personally know are submitting stories, is very encouraging to me.

6. Long conversations about Real Life
A good conversation fills me up like a good meal. My world feels fragmented (so many interruptions) and lonely at times as a stay at home mom so I have to work hard to create opportunities for good, life-giving conversation.
This week, I met with a college girl that I mentor. We talked for hours on my couch, settled under blankets about so many good things: dating, romance, marriage, womanhood.
Tomorrow I’m getting together with a dear friend from college who always fills me up.
It takes effort to make these get-togethers happen but they fill my soul in very needed ways.

7. Cake
I saved the best for last, of course.
I made a chocolate cake for a dinner party last week and I’ve been indulging in a (small…ish) piece every few days (okay, every day). This is the best recipe ever.
Mmm…chocolate cake. Not so good for my hips but excellent for my soul.

It’s easier to focus on what’s killing us during hard seasons. I’m sure that I could have whipped out a post about that topic in no time! But focusing on what’s giving me life right now was a healthy exercise.

Gratefulness…that’s really what’s saving my life right now.

What about you? What’s saving your life right now?
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  1. bellabooksandbaking

    I think your #7 is my #1. Priorities, right?

    Things that save my life:

    1. Baking. Because, sugar and creativity and happy people.
    2. Knitting. Because it is restful productivity and I’m always cold.
    3. Audiobooks. Time for actual reading has been frighteningly slim lately. Audiobooks work on the go; they are something I can share with my husband; they are something I can do when I don’t feel well enough to read
    4. Language learning. A thing that is just for me and my brain. Right now, I am learning German. I just figured out that “Gesundheit” literally means “Health to you!”
    5. Writer’s group. It motivates me to write, allows me to share in the creativity of others, gives me an excuse to bake something to share and to knit while I listen. So it’s like a three-in-one.

  2. Hi Brittany – thanks for your post. I think we might have a lot in common as moms: I have a son (14) who has developmental disabilities and is on the autism spectrum, and a daughter (18) with Asperger’s. I know what you mean about the screaming. It is really difficult at times. I hope writing this post encouraged you — I was encouraged by writing mine AND by reading posts like yours. I may give that cake a try, too; it sounds great!

    • Jeannie, thanks for reading and for your encouragement. Writing this post definitely lifted my spirits. I have a lot to be thankful for. The cake is THE BEST! I hope you try it someday!

  3. Many blessings on your transition. Yoga is so relaxing but I have never done it with an instructor just with my wii. Thanks for sharing your list and stopping by my blog.

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